Old Fashioned Cocktail: a true myth of mixology at home with NIO Cocktails.

Old Fashioned Cocktail: a true myth of mixology at home with NIO Cocktails.

Finally at home the legendary cocktail of the world of mixology: the Old Fashioned, or to call it more formally with name and surname... Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. Literally "old fashioned", which is just its distinctive note.
But stand out from what and why? What is hidden behind the most requested name in all the cocktail bars in the world?
Patrick Pistolesi signs another masterpiece from the NIO Cocktails drink list, focusing on Whiskey. 


Old Fashioned. The mixology.

  • Bourbon Bulleit: medium amber colour, with delicate spiciness and sweet oak aromas. The medium palate is soft with tones of maple, oak and nutmeg. The finish is long, dry and satin with a slight caramel flavour.

  • Angostura aromatic bitter: important bitter taste from flowers macerated in alcohol and roots. The aroma is complemented by the more pungent aromas of mint and camphor, as well as balsamic ones reminiscent of eucalyptus. The bitter, tannic and mentholated flavour immediately emerges. It gives a very light sense of pepper to the tongue.

  • Toschi liquid sugar: a totally natural 1:2 composition, that is a part of water and two of sugar. Obviously with the best quality Made in Italy.

        NIO Cocktails brings Old Fashioned to your home

        Thanks to NIO Cocktails, enter your home with a cocktail as much as the saloon of the old West as the lounge of a luxury hotel... 

        NIO Cocktail and Patrick Pistolesi present theOld Fashioned: a new recipe in the most famous ready to share cocktail list in the world. A careful choice but enriched for you by several reasons:

        • Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that has become POP. It is in fact the most sought after drink in the world, which is no small thing in a constantly evolving and very fragmented world as that of mixology.
        • It is one of the pillars of the history and culture of mixology. One of the oldest cocktails of the international cocktails, the Old Fashioned history comes from the saloons of the old West and the first bars of luxury hotels.
        • It is a cocktail with an iconic and inimitable character: the extraordinary raw material (Patrick chose the Whiskey Bourbon Bulleit) was combined with ice, sugar and soda to mitigate its strength, making it less impetuous and more suitable to be tasted during a conversation.
        • The Old Fashioned is also nice to see. Itsminimal appearance and elegance distinguish it, thanks to the amber colour of its mixture and the crystalline transparencies of the ice 

        TheOld Fashioned is a cocktail that you can not miss at home: it is a drink for upright people as for sophisticated and nostalgic palates of a retro quality, who appreciate the strong taste of whiskey and things done as well as once. Whiskey, sugar and lemon zest: there are no fruit juices or colourful syrups to sweeten the pill.


        A great classic to appreciate at home: when?

        The Old Fashioned is a cocktail that expresses its maximum pleasantness as a post-dinner: a taste without time designed to stimulate chatter in relax while remaining refined and attentive to the pure substance.
        The wise dosage between bitterness and sweetness, between the strong taste of alcohol squeezed from cereals and the cold rock of ice water, enclose the secret of the "old way".

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        Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. At least 220 years of history brought with pride.

        The origins of this ancient cocktail are not clear. They are really lost in the memory and in the tales between history and legend of mixology.

        According to the most daring scholars of the history of mixology, the origins of mixology go back to the West of the 800, even if in reality it could be drawn a first track written in 1806, when on "The Balance and the Columbian Repository" was written about a particularly stimulating alcoholic beverage with a precise character, composed of alcoholic liquids, sugar, water and bitter.
        Well-known and decisive connotations that lead back to the mixing of a Whiskey Cocktail in the old way... namely the Old Fashioned.

        From there to little, we are in the '70s of the same century, mixology would have started an endless evolution: research and experimentation would have brought on the bar counter ingredients and mix sought after for cocktails as new as the classics reinterpreted. And that’s the case with Whiskey Cocktail. Seen and rewritten enough to force the lovers of the original to make clear to the bar that they want a Whiskey Cocktail Old Fashioned.

        It became Old Fashioned in the decades.

        How the Old-Fashioned arrived in New York

        In his 1862 mixology manual, Jerry Thomas writes about the Whiskey Cocktail, a drink consisting of whiskey, sugar, bitter and lemon zest. 

        Then begins the most famous story of the Whiskey Cocktail. In 1880, an unknown bartender at the Pandennis Club in Louinsville, boasted of making this drink in honor of Colonel James E. Pepper. great whiskey enthusiast. But the Colonel was also a shrewd businessman right in the world of distillation. He decided to bet on the idea and took the bartender with him to spread the cocktail in New York in those years.

        The plan was clear: spread the wonderful cocktail of whiskey, to sell it. He went straight to the top: the bar at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, famous luxury hotel in New York where Colonel James Pepper used to go. The Waldorf was one of the most famous hotels in New York, a meeting place for famous people (including Nikola Tesla, Lucky' Luciano, Marilyn Monroe).

        The Walford-Astoira in New York was located in Manhattan exactly on the ground where the Empire State Building was built in 1931..


        NIO Cocktails at Old Fashioned home: the Walford Astoria drink list

        The colonel had his Whiskey Cocktail placed on the map of many other places attended by the upper middle class, as early as the thirties.



        The Years of American Prohibition

        Over the centuries, the Old Fashioned has surpassed moments like American Prohibition, a time when this cocktail was prepared with maraschino liquor and with a cherry as a decorative habit. It has gone through several trends, from the one of Bourbon to the most current one of Mezcal, but it has remained the great cocktail it has always been, since its mysterious birth.

        In 1924, in The fine art of mixing, Ambury points him out among the six pillar cocktails in the history of "drinking", in good company with Martini, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sidecar, and Jack Rose.



        A style icon

        «The train ran through the plains and marshes between New York and Trenton. It was not a pretty sight. Bond remembered certain sections of the pre-war Trans-Siberian Railroad, except for the huge, lonely billboards that advertised the shows on Broadway and some scrap heaps and old cars... The conductor arrived with the attendant. Bond ordered two Old Fashioned with Bourbon...».

        The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail, among the longest-lived for the secret agent, who drinks it in the novel "Live and Let Die", of 1954.
        It is back today to the limelight of screens, thanks to the series Mad Men, where the protagonist Don Draper is often portrayed next to an old fashioned glass. And then the elegance and the perfect simplicity of the drink consolidate it on top of the best sellers.


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        NIO Cocktails Old Fashioned can not miss your home because it is a cocktail:

        • Timelessness: Old Fashioned is the cocktail that can not miss in your selection at home. It’s a great classic as well as a trench coat for your wardrobe.

        • Pure and quality: the Old Fashioned by NIO Cocktails has as its main ingredient not just any Whiskey, but the Bourbon Bulleit. You always pretend to know what you drink, don’t settle, demand the top. NIO Cocktails always indicates with which premium ingredients cocktails are created and takes them home.

        • For whiskey lovers: a true cult between history and myth, to serve at your home or bring as a special gift. The real old-fashioned whiskey cocktail.