Enough with the old mignon!

NIO is the modern evolution of the minibar: the opportunity to offer guests a perfectly mixed cocktail that the customer can experience the pleasure of serving themselves or receiving from the hotel bar, 24 hours a day, even when the barmen are not I'm on duty.

NIO offers a tasting experience that can be personalized and given as a gift at check out so that the memory of the experience in your hotel lasts even after returning home.

Perfect with ice, excellent in the fridge

NIO can also be enjoyed directly from the minibar, ensuring an excellent experience even in the absence of ice.

Welcome cocktail or greeting gift

The variety of the drink list, the opportunity to customize the packs and the new Limited Edition allow you to create tailor-made experiences on the different types of rooms.

More turnover, without the costs

NIO allows you to increase bar and minibar sales without impacting on overhead costs.

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