Mai Tai Cocktail


A fruity rum cocktail that brings the spirit of Tiki culture to your bar.

Ron Colòn Rum | Cointreau | Monin Orgeat Syrup | Organic Citric Acid | 100 ML | 25.5% VOL.
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Mai Tai History

The story of Ron Colón began in 2018, when founders Thurman Wise and Pepijn Janssens travelled to El Salvador and were enchanted by the dramatic volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and exceptional coffee. This trip ignited a passion to showcase the vibrant El Salvador they fell in love with: and so they coined Ron Colón, so-named for the old currency used there in times gone by. As El Salvador is famed for the coffee plants that thrive on the volcanic mountain sides, Thurman and Pepijn decided to infuse Ron Colón with bourbon coffee beans, which have a particularly sweet and buttery texture. The Salvadoran rum is a fruit-forward style with a light, dry finish. In addition to woody spices, toasted almonds and warm vanilla on the nose, the coffee helps to highlight rich, sticky plum flavours and plenty of dark chocolate.

Premium quality crafted cocktails at home … in three simple moves

NIO Cocktails deliver a premium tasting experience at home and wherever you want


Fill a glass with ice and give your cocktail pack a quick shake.


Firmly rip off the pre-cut corner. You don’t need to remove the pouch inside the paper box.


Pour the cocktail into the glass with ice and allow to cool for a minute for the perfect cocktail every time.

NIO Cocktails deliver a premium tasting experience at home and wherever you want