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    Fresh summer cocktails: the refreshing classics to enjoy with friends

    After a long winter, the thought is projected towards summer 2021, between trips out of town, picnic and aperitifs on the terrace or in the garden with friends. The real protagonists? The fresh cocktails and all the scents of summer. Nature is flourishing again and with it the desire to spend sunsets and evenings in the company of our friends with the most suitable drink to sip.

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    Low calorie, light and comfortable cocktails for a spring picnic

    Is counting calories your favorite hobby? We’ll tell you a secret: you can safely treat yourself to delicious cocktails, but at the same time with few calories, light and suitable for your diet, to take with you for picnics and outdoor trips in the name of quality aperitif.

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    Cocktails for a pool party that all the guests will love

    No NIO Cocktails, no pool party! Organizing a pool party is always a great idea, especially with the arrival of summer. When temperatures rise, everyone’s desire is to refresh! Now the pool party becomes the best way to have fun. To the exclusion of the most exuberant guests, the soul of the party can only be a cool and refreshing cocktail to sip by the pool in the company of friends or relatives.

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