The world of NIO cocktails

Welcome to the world of NIO Cocktails, where a passion for quality and sustainability creates the perfect mix for a premium experience. We are convinced that these two elements are key to creating real and lasting value.

The care and attention we invest in each phase of the process is our guarantee of quality, from the selection of raw materials, production to distribution. We integrate sustainability into every business decision, considering environmental, social and economic aspects. The Code of Ethics represents our guidance and our commitment. It establishes the principles and values that guide our actions and relationships; it also represents our commitment to produce and distribute premium products in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way, as we care about the social and environmental impact of our activities.

Together, quality and sustainability create tangible value that goes beyond just a cocktail, to become an authentic experience.

NET Zero goal

NIO Cocktails steers toward carbon neutrality together with ZeroCO2, with the aim of aligning with international industry standards.

After completing the first steps of measuring and offsetting Scope 1 and 2 emissions starting in 2021, NIO Cocktails is moving to Scope 3 in emissions reporting.

Through a complete study of the entire organisation's carbon footprint, we identify critical emission points in order to develop a concrete reduction and compensation strategy in the short and long term.

For our project we refer to the carbon neutrality standards defined by PAS 2060:2014 and the draft of ISO 14068 that will be published next November. Our ultimate goal is to reach Net Zero by 2030. We will continue to work with determination to contribute to a sustainable future.
Our Carbon Footprint measurement is in line with the GHG protocol. It follows all the relevant GHG and reference ISO standards (EN ISO 14064-1:2019, UNI EN ISO 14040:2006, UNI EN ISO 14044:2018).

Innovation and R&D

NIO Cocktails looks to the present, but with an innovative spirit. We constantly invest in R&D to offer high quality products.

An in-depth comparative LCA analysis, commissioned by Ecochain Technologies B.V., concluded in June 2023 that NIO Cocktails packaging shows a significantly reduced impact compared to glass, containing the same amount of product, for almost all categories of environmental impact taken into account. The pack consists of recyclable paper and polypropylene, and thanks to its strength, lightness and versatility, reduces waste and makes transport less impactful.

Although paper and polypropylene packaging have proven to be a more sustainable choice today, it is important to note that there are still some aspects to consider and work on.
This study offers a clear perspective on the importance of making informed decisions to reduce the environmental impact of our products and packaging. NIO Cocktails is working to further reduce these negative elements, constantly investing in R&D for the adoption of new even more sustainable solutions.

Responsible Production and Consumption

Aware of the importance of promoting responsible production and consumption, NIO Cocktails adopts a no-waste ethical approach and encourages proper waste management and disposal.

Each NIO cocktail is premixed with premium ingredients, optimising the amount of liquid needed for each drink and reducing the risk of waste due to excessive or incorrect dosage. The cocktails are packaged in individually sealed sachets, which keep the organoleptic qualities of the product unchanged over time. Customers can customise order quantities preventing waste. NIO Cocktails provides recommendations for the proper storage of cocktails.

We promote a responsible drinking culture and recommend separation of plastic and paper for the proper disposal of waste through separate collection.
NIO Cocktails is committed to promoting and spreading a culture of corporate sustainability based on trust and transparency, involving all those part of its network of relationships.

Nio Cocktails Guiding Principles

NIO Cocktails bases its work on ethical and sustainable principles, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to trigger change in consumption habits, promoting a responsible attitude towards our planet.

We follow a People-Planet-Profit approach, putting human capital and environmental resources first.

Our Code of Ethics establishes the values and principles that all company representatives must follow, regardless of their role. Some of the key concepts of the NIO Cocktails Code of Ethics include:

1 | Integrity
NIO Cocktails is committed to acting with honesty, transparency and respect towards customers, suppliers and collaborators.

2 | Responsibility
NIO Cocktails is committed to conducting its business responsibly, complying with applicable laws and regulations

3 | Quality
NIO Cocktails is committed to offering high quality products and services in the premium single-serve spirits cocktail industry.

4 | Sustainability

NIO Cocktails is committed to producing and distributing its products in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner, reducing the environmental impact of its own business

5 | Respect
NIO Cocktails is committed to respecting all stakeholders, including consumers, employees, suppliers and customers.

6 | Legality
NIO Cocktails undertakes to follow all legal provisions and to combat unfair or fraudulent practices.

7 | Collaboration
NIO Cocktails is committed to fostering a company culture based on collaboration and employee engagement.