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Sidecar History

Sidecar is a cocktail with a fascinating and mysterious history. It first appeared in two books: Cocktail: How To Mix Them by Robert Vermeire in 1922 - although the recipe in the book contained all the ingredients in equal parts – and Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktail by Harry MacElhone – who was considered by some the real father of the cocktail. There are those who believe that it was invented at the Harry’s Bar in Paris, where the legend is told that the Sidecar was prepared for the first time for an army captain who broke into Harry’s Bar aboard his - indeed - sidecar. There is also a third version, according to which the cocktail was created in New Orleans. It is certain that the Sidecar's popularity soon caught on and also ended up in Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock. The writer David Embury spoke of it in turn, calling it (improperly, but not with the intention of belittling it) a "Daiquiri with cognac".

Premium quality crafted cocktails at home … in three simple moves

NIO Cocktails deliver a premium tasting experience at home and wherever you want


Fill a glass with ice and give your cocktail pack a quick shake.


Firmly rip off the pre-cut corner. You don’t need to remove the pouch inside the paper box.


Pour the cocktail into the glass with ice and allow to cool for a minute for the perfect cocktail every time.

NIO Cocktails deliver a premium tasting experience at home and wherever you want